We Believe in YOU!

People are so easy to dismiss Valentine’s Day and throw around the old cliché line: “You should love and spoil your partner every day of the year, not just on Valentine’s Day”. But those are the very people who usually never spoil their partners! So in 2015, we thought, how about a bit of a challenge.. Instead of using the old overly used statements: “Spoil her this Valentine’s Day” or “Show your love this Valentine’s Day”

We asked: “Are you brave enough?” and “Do you have what it takes to celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

Since we were asking if they are brave enough, we as Cardies wanted to support those who’s got what it takes.. We believe in them! On the 2nd of February 2015, a video was released, showing that it takes guts to celebrate Love.

Bravery tokens:

  • We decided as part of the Are you Brave Enough campaign, we would like to show our customers that we believe they are by giving them all a bravery token.
  • The idea was for all customers to feel, with the help of Cardies, they have enough guts to tell someone they love them! Anyone! In the video it will also show that it’s not just for partners or husbands and wives or girlfriends.. It’s also telling your teacher, or your mother, your brother etc. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, is to tell someone you love them.

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