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It's time we fight so our dogs don’t have to.

One of the biggest areas in Animal abuse, is the one we don’t want to talk about. The one we don’t really know anything about. The one we look away from, because we feel completely hopeless in the attempt of trying to stop it.


[ Dog Fighting ]


It has become the new national sport! Not only does the animals involved get tortured, but it has a massive impact on communities as a whole with it’s linked crimes and how it escalates violence.

Dog fighting in South Africa has increased over 500% in the last few years.

Thousand of dogs every year, are left to die after a dog fight. Broken bones don’t get treated. They are chained down with heavy logging chains in order to trigger aggression and encourage survival instincts. One dog fight can continue for up to four hours. Even after limbs have been torn off, they are forced to continue fighting by their owners.

  • Cardies and NSPCA partnered up last year July and we created an amazing campaign for the NSPCA’s general needs to prevent cruelty. With the help of bracelet sales, we managed to donate ± R75 000 to the NSPCA. This year we are zooming in on an extremely sensitive subject. Dog Fighting. 

  • The NSPCA’s Special Investigations Unit have successfully raided and saved thousands of dogs from dog fights since they have been actively involved in this matter. However, to be able to have a team to take on this intrepid task, funding can become a problem. 

  • The different special services and skills needed to successfully execute a raid, save the animals involved, prosecute the dog owners etc, are endless and extremely specialized: Veterinary surgeons, pathologist examinations, forensic examinations, expert witnesses, forensic psychologists, equipment, travel costs around the country, training to saps, veterinarians, magistrates, prosecutors, community workshops, SPCA staff, crime scene management are just a few of the elements needed for this process. 

  • Because dog fighting is something the general public avoids, we at Cardies decided to place ourselves in a league where we’re not seen as just another novelty card and gifting store, but as a retailer who actually makes a difference to very serious issues in the country.

  • Everyone wails about the violence levels in SA. Children and communities are surrounded by extreme violence that’s not acted upon – breeding tolerance to violence and eroding empathy levels. Dog fighting in a community is both an indicator and a predictor of a decaying society.

It’s time to stop this. We asked the NSPCA what they need in order to empower their Special Investigations Unit?

Funding and Awareness.

  • Cardies has a powerful retail footprint across South Africa, as well as a very strong recognizable brand. We therefor agreed to create a project within our retail stores, to assist them with their two requirements, and so, The Red Paw Project was born.

  • We developed 3 brand new product lines to introduce into Cardies stores, available for customers to buy, then taking a portion of that specific range’s proceeds and donating it to the NSPCA’s Special Investigations Unit. Will you be part of the reason they won’t have to fight anymore?

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