Mother’s Day | 14 May 2017

We’ve seen it… We’ve heard the panic-filled conversations… “What are we getting Mom for Mother’s Day?”

“What can possibly make Mom smile? Is it a toaster? Or maybe a new mop!”


Well good luck to you if you think that’s the answer! But we know moms, we know what they like and need… So we’ve put in a gift bag for you, ready to pick up and make her smile on Mother’s Day… A quick and easy shopping experience; a gift loaded with creativity, uniqueness, love and care.


Mother’s Day Survival Kit!Image 1

So we know a mother needs more than just a handbag when the kids are around…  and we have just the thing!


The Mother’s Day Survival Kit is filled with 4 suuuper carefully selected goodies, which we know she’ll just adore!


So what’s inside??


Well first, lets look at what the tag says.. Each kit comes with a tag, completed with descriptions and a few quirky explanations…

Mothers day 2017 image 21. Designer Make Up Bag

Mothers day 2017 image 3

2. Anti Bacterial Wet Wipes # WipeOut

Mothers day 2017 Image 4
3. #MomsLife Travel Mug
Mothers day 2017 Image 5
4. Caramel filled chocolate hearts and balls
Mothers day 2017 Image 6
5. Luxury Pamper Set
Mothers day 2017 Image 7

5 awesome gifts, ready to go this Mother’s day! Don’t wait too long.. Limited stock is available and going fast!

This easy, convenient gift can be yours for only R475! Don’t miss out. Available now at participating Cardies stores, Nationwide.

Make sure to check out our Facebook page – maybe you stand a chance to WIN one of these Survival Kits!

Go ahead, make Mom feel awesome!
Mother’s Day | 14 May 2017


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