Happiness Travels

The joy of giving, improves our wellbeing. Our humanity radiates when we show kindness to another… A sense of selflessness is born when we’re the reason for a stranger’s smile. This year we are giving you the opportunity to experience this feeling… The opportunity to share your humanity with someone, this Christmas… Not because they deserve or expect it, but purely to be kind.

Once again, this December, Cardies will provide South Africa with the opportunity… To show kindness… to share love… and some cookies! When you GIVE – you catch a glimpse of just how amazing you are… The potential you have! And you suddenly become filled with a sense of purpose.

If you need the cookies, eat them… Or show a random act of kindness to someone who needs it more… How far will you let happiness travel? It all starts with you. Get your Cookies from any Cardies store Nationwide. From 4 – 24 December 2015.
This Christmas, let happiness travel.

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