Christmas Cookies

Christmas 2014, we decided to show the world we are more than just gifts, wrap and cards, we really care about people.

Cardies started a mission to make this world a better place. We created a simple mechanism, which will provide a platform where people can be a part of a noble cause. It starts with a simple packet of cookies.


We sent every store boxes filled with a calculated amount of packets of cookies. There are two chocolate cookies per packet.

We then told the world: You have the opportunity to touch someone’s heart and experience the incredible power of giving to someone who doesn’t expect anything this Christmas.

  • We gave a packet of cookies to every single customer who bought something, in every store for 20 days.
  • This packet of cookies was packaged in a Cardies wrapper, stating that they must give this packet of cookies away to someone whom they feel needs it or will appreciate it or who doesn’t expect it.
  • We encouraged customers to use this packet of cookies to spread the love, by giving it away!


Not only did we give out cookies and encouraged our customers to spread the love but by using Khayelitsha Cookies in Cape Town to bake these cookies for us, Cardies empowered and provided jobs and opportunities for previously unemployed women in rural areas. Every cookie made, means another family will get an income they never had before. This story was printed on the back of our cookie packets, available for every customer to read. It is a fundamental human need to want to do good. And so we gave the South Africa a chance.

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