Cardies in Cinema

When Cardies has something to say, we go all the way! November 2014, Cardies entered the big screen space and we showed the world who we are. With a fresh new mission and vision, we will strive to make the world a better place by caring and reminding people that life is beautiful! An advert launched into South Africa and was taken up by storm!

With the birth of the Cardies NSPCA partnership, the message became even louder! NuMetro cinemas across the country helped us raise awareness we could only ever dream of! The Cardies Red Paw Project video was released along with a carefully selected group of movies, since the footage could be quite upsetting. Comments and support were streaming in and  with the help of the impact of a big screen and spectacular sound, Cardies message was loud and clear.

The heartfelt Mother’s day advert also went a long way with the power message, Time to say Thank you. Touching the hearts of thousands, it goes without saying, the big screen captured the love between mother and child and Cardies was there to help them say Thank you.

Now, get ready for the light hearted, yet heavily important Christmas message this Festive Season. Cardies launched three short animations into NuMetro cinemas on Friday the 2nd of December, reminding people to make arrangements for their pets along with their holiday plans. And as a fun and loving reminder, Cardies reveals to South Africa that we will be handing out FREE treats for your kitty or pooch when you spend R150 more at any Cardies stores Nationwide! Let the big screen inspire us to be the people our animals believe we are!

Click here to see the big screen vids:

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