"Sharing life's moments with the people you love.."

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Make it a


Sharing Life's Moments

Welcome to Cardies! A world filled with love, fun, magic and memories! 

We believe in making the world a better place by caring, sharing moments and reminding everyone that life is beautiful. 


Are you ready to make this the most memorable Decembers of all time?! 

31 days... 31 activities...

31 chances to make this a 

#December 2Remember with Cardies! 

Follow along on your very own checklist you can pick up from your Cardies store now.​

Or simply click on the link below to download yours.

To download your

own Cardies Christmas Checklist




Whether it's Mickey Mouse in a snow-globe or some reindeer antlers for your furry pup, we have something everyone will love! 

Wrapping, cards and exciting gifts for the entire family! 

Gamers, gentlemen, girly girls and Netflix Moms, we have something for everyone.

For a peek at our

Christmas Catalogues


A day without a #Friends episode, is #MooPoint! To the #FriendsSuperFans we know you don't want a Moo Point day, so Cardies will make sure you never have to! 

Visit participating Cardies stores and check out our officially licensed FRIENDS range, available now! 

To check out the range


In their world, you are the HERO! 

Join Cardies in 2020 and be the HERO

our animals look up to!

Get your limited edition 

HERO CAP exclusively from Cardies

stores, nationwide and be the voice for


All proceeds will go to the Heroes out

there in the field, our NSPCA team, to protect, save and rescue those who need us to be the HERO!

Coming Soon

Welcome to the Cardies TopModel World! 

We are proud to bring you only the hottest and trendiest Top Model goodies ever! Love, fashion, design and fun all together in one wonderful world! 

To see our collection


It’s no secret that Cardies loves  balloons – and can you blame us? Colourful, fun, and the quintessential party decoration: balloons are often the life and soul of a party!


Whether you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve or a kid’s birthday, hosting a baby shower, hens day, or engagement party, make sure you do it in style with balloons.

For balloon gallery


Our team

Meet the Cardies Family across the country! 


Trends, truths and other important news.

our brands

We aim to make this world a better place! Which brands are helping us? 

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